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All-Time Total Rebounds Leaders

All Time Rebound leaders In NBA History

So it is about basketball right now and we are looking at the players with the most rebounds in NBA history. Any basketball season is looked forward to with much expectation. The sweat, the blood, the three-pointers, and the slam-dunks all contribute to an exciting NBA season.

Of all the stats that are gathered in basketball, the rebound is the most underappreciated. Many folks only appreciate the points, free throws and other stats that set tongues wagging but the rebound is just as important. A defensive or offensive rebound can be the difference between a narrow loss or victory. Therefore, we have taken the liberty to put together for you the basketball players with most rebounds in NBA history in a countdown.

Top 10 Most Rebounds Player In NBA

1.Wilt Chamberlain23924
2.Bill Russell21620
3.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar17440
4.Elvin Hayes16279
5.Moses Malone16212
6.Tim Duncan15091
7.Karl Malone14968
8.Robert Parish14715
9.Kevin Garnett14662
10.Nate Thurmond1446

1. Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain is the all-time rebound leader of the National Basketball Association, Tops the list of players with the most rebounds with a total of 23,924 rebounds in his career. He was drafted into the NBA in 1959 by Philadelphia Warriors. He also played for the 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers before retiring in 1973.

Chamberlain who is one of the greatest basketball players of all time won the NBA championship twice. He coached the San Diego Conquistadors from 1973-1974. The highest-ranked player still active in the NBA is Dwight Howard of the Washington Wizards, who have just made an additional 12 rebounds to make a total of 13,184 assists to his name.

2. Bill Russel

Russell is one of the most successful players to ever play the game of basketball. He was drafted into the NBA in 1956 by St. Louis Hawks (now Atlanta Hawks) but ended playing for Bolton Celtics. He played for the Celtics till 1969 wining the NBA championship a whopping 11 times. Russell also served as a player coach from 1966 to 1969. The 12-time NBA all-star retired with 21,620 rebounds.

3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

No player has more points than Abdul-Jabbar in the history of the NBA. However, he ranks third on the list of the players with most rebounds in NBA history. He played college basketball before he was drafted into the NBA in 1969. He went on to play for Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers before retiring in 1989. He won the NBA championship with both teams and has a record of 17,440 rebounds.

4. Elvin Hayes

Hayes played his college basketball at Houston as a power forward from 1965 to 1968. Hayes and Don Chaney were the first blacks to ever play for the University of Houston. He was drafted into the NBA in 1968 as the first overall pick in the first round. Hayes played in the NBA till 1984 starring for Houston Rockets and Washington Bullets. He became an NBA champion with Washington Bullets in 1978 and ended his career with 16,279 rebounds.

5. Moses Malone

Don’t get it twisted. Moses is not related to Karl Malone in any way but both players as you already see are one of those with most rebounds in NBA history. Malone played in the now-defunct ABA and the NBA as well. He was drafted into the ABA in 1974 by Utah Stars and went to play for seven more teams before retiring with San Antonio Spurs in 1995. He won the 1983 NBA championship with Philadelphia 76ers in 1983 and retired with 17,834 rebounds. Moses Malone passed away in 2015 due to atherosclerotic heart disease.

6. Tim Duncan

The bottom half of our list of basketball players with the most rebounds in NBA history begins with Tim Duncan. He was the first overall pick in the first round of the 1997 NBA draft. His first and only team was the San Antonio Spurs. He enjoyed a highly successful 19-year career with the Spurs winning the championship five times before retiring in 2016. Duncan made 15,091 rebounds and is currently an assistant coach with the Spurs.

7. Karl Malone

A power forward with grace and elegance, Malone played his college basketball with Louisiana Tech from 1982-1985 before moving to the NBA. He was selected by Utah Jazz as the 13th overall pick in the first round and spent 18 years with them. He plied his trade with the Los Angeles Lakers in the last year of his career. He never won the Championship but was an NBA All-Star 14 times and bowed out in 2004 having made 14, 968 bounds. Malone returned to Louisiana Tech as a coach in 2007 before vacating the post in 2011.

8. Robert Parish

The former center takes the eighth spot on the all-time list of players with the most rebounds in NBA history. He was selected by the Golden State Warriors as the 8th overall pick in the first round of the 1976 NBA draft. Parish would go on to play for about two decades starring for Boston Celtics, Charlotte Hornets, and Chicago Bulls. He retired in 1997 a 4-time champion with 14,715 rebounds.

9. Kevin Garnett

Garnett was the 5th overall pick during the 1995 NBA draft. He was first selected by Minnesota Timberwolves for whom he played for till 2007 before going on to star for Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets. He retired officially in 2015 winning the NBA championship and the MVP award once. The 15-times NBA All-Star retired with 14,662 rebounds to his name.

10. Nate Thurmond

Nate Thurmond played college basketball at Bowling Green between 1960 and 1963 before joining San Francisco Warrior (now Golden State Warriors). He also played for Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers in an illustrious 14-year career that lasted till 1977. He recorded 14,464 career rebounds and was an NBA All-Star seven times. Thurmond passed away in 2016.

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NBA Top Rebounds Players

1.Wilt Chamberlain23924
2.Bill Russell21620
3.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar17440
4.Elvin Hayes16279
5.Moses Malone16212
6.Tim Duncan15091
7.Karl Malone14968
8.Robert Parish14715
9.Kevin Garnett14662
10.Nate Thurmond14464
11.Dwight Howard14271
12.Walt Bellamy14241
13.Wes Unseld13769
14.Hakeem Olajuwon13748
15.Shaquille O’Neal13099
16.Buck Williams13017
17.Jerry Lucas12942
18.Bob Pettit12849
19.Charles Barkley12546
20.Dikembe Mutombo12359
21.Paul Silas12357
22.Charles Oakley12205
23.Dennis Rodman11954
24.Kevin Willis11901
25.Patrick Ewing11607
26.Dirk Nowitzki11489
27.Elgin Baylor11463
28.Pau Gasol11305
29.Dolph Schayes11256
30.Bill Bridges11054
31.Jack Sikma10816
32.David Robinson10497
33.Ben Wallace10482
34.Tyson Chandler10467
35.Dave Cowens10444
36.Bill Laimbeer10400
37.Otis Thorpe10370
38.Zach Randolph10208
39.Shawn Marion10101
40.Red Kerr10092
41.DeAndre Jordan9878
42.LeBron James9751
43.Bob Lanier9698
44.Sam Lacey9687
45.Dave DeBusschere9618
46.Marcus Camby9513
47.A.C. Green9473
48.Horace Grant9443
49.Bailey Howell9383
50.Vlade Divac9326
51.Artis Gilmore9161
52.Johnny Green9083
53.Elton Brand9040
54.Larry Bird8974
55.Andre Drummond8839
56.Shawn Kemp8834
57.Jason Kidd8725
58.Leroy Ellis8709
59.Michael Cage8646
60.Terry Cummings8630
61.Dale Davis8605
62.LaMarcus Aldridge8478
63.Willis Reed8414
64.P.J. Brown8409
65.Carlos Boozer8192
66.Antawn Jamison8157
67.Kevin Love8130
68.Larry Smith8125
69.Chris Webber8124
70.Lamar Odom8059
71.Bob McAdoo8048
72.Larry Foust8041
73.Happy Hairston8019
74.John Havlicek8007
75.Oscar Robertson7804
76.Al Jefferson7690
77.Sam Perkins7666
78.Caldwell Jones7663
79.Antonio McDyess7638
80.Clyde Lee7626
81.Chris Bosh7592
82.Paul Millsap7559
83.Wayne Embry7544
84.Paul Pierce7527
85.Carmelo Anthony7520
 Maurice Lucas7520
87.Scottie Pippen7494
88.James Donaldson7492
89.Juwan Howard7428
90.Rasheed Wallace7404
91.Gus Johnson7379
92.Larry Nance7352
93.Kurt Thomas7328
94.David Lee7320
95.Chet Walker7314
96.Anthony Mason7279
97.Truck Robinson7267
98.Jermaine O’Neal7261
99.Dan Roundfield7243
100.Al Horford7241


Top 10 Players with the most rebounds in NBA history

  1. Wilt Chamberlain – 23,924 rebounds
  2. Bill Russell – 21,620 rebounds
  3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 17,440 rebounds
  4. Elvin Hayes – 16,279 rebounds
  5. Moses Malone – 16,212 rebounds
  6. Tim Duncan – 15,091 rebounds
  7. Karl Malone – 14,968 rebounds
  8. Robert Parish – 14,715 rebounds
  9. Kevin Garnett – 14,662 rebounds
  10. 10 Nate Thurmond – 14,464 rebounds

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