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League of Legends game is one of the best battle arena video game that is enjoyed by numerous gamers. The game features multiplayer which is loved by many persons who have played the game. Playing League of Legends is really cool and has a way of keeping you on your chair for a long time. However, our focus is on the top gamers playing these games meaning we are looking into the Best League of Legend Players around the world. Read through the article to acquaint yourself with the Best League of Legend Players 2020 and all the information about them.


We have selected the Best League of Legend Players from among players around the world. of course you know every gamer can’t be on the same page, some are definitely better than others, therefore, below is a preview of the Best League of Legend Players 2020.

    1. Lee Sang-hyeok
    2. Song Kyung-ho
    3. Ming Kai
  1. Kim Hyuk-kyu
  2. Bee Jun-sik
  3. Han Wang-ho
  4. Cho Se-hyeong
  5. Kim Chan-ho
  6. Kang Beom-hyeon
  7. Soren Bjerg

There you have the list of the top 10 leagues of Legend Players in the world. Read along for more information about them and why they made the list.

Best League of Legend Players 2020.

  • #1. Lee Sang-hyeok
  • Team: Sk Telecom T1
Lee Sang-hyeok
Lee Sang-hyeok

Lee Sang-hyeok popularly known as “Faker” opens the curtain of our discussion coming in at the number one spot on our list of Best League of Legend Players. Though he and his team once lost to Edward gaming in 2015 Mid-Season invitational, Sang-hyeok has been a tough nut to crack and is yet to lose out in any major competition. He was instrumental in his team who led the world championship dominating 15-1 run at the 2015 world championship. It’s no surprise that Sang-hyeok occupies the number one spot going by his superb performance in several championships including the Intel Extreme Masters World Championships in Poland and his victory over the Tigers in what was his third straight win in Counter Logic Game. His contribution has pronounced his team to be rated among the Best League of Legends Team and not forgetting that he is the reigning and at the same time the defending champion of IEM, MSI and Summoner’s Cup.

  • Song Kyung-ho
  • Team: ROX Tigers
Song Kyung-ho
Song Kyung-ho

Occupying the second spot is Song Kyung-ho popularly called Smeb and he plays for the ROX Tigers team. Kyung-ho has been an impressive player and many believe it is just a matter of time before he unseats “Fakers” from the number one spot. Kyung-ho is rated as the best Laner in the world and he has won the MVP for a regular-season back to back in the League Champions Korea. This was only achieved then by Fakers.  Kyung-ho has been consistent not giving up and has the world hard to find himself among the Best League of Legend Players in the world

  • Ming Kai
  • Team: Edward Gaming

Ming Kai is also rated among the Best League of Legend Players 2020 and thus deserves to be enlisted in our article occupying the third spot. The gamer known popularly as ClearLove has been amazing and incredible in his performance in the League of Legend game. He is regarded as the timeless wonder of League of Legends and many have agreed that the player should be rated among the Best League of Legends Player of all time. Ming Kai was part of the Chinese Dynasty team that won the IPL5, a fit that saw them rated among the Best League of Legends Team. Ming Kai has proven himself worthy and a player that can be depended on by his team to produce results. Despite his former teammates all retired, Ming Kai still thrives on and is now a formidable player in Edward Gaming.

  • Kim Hyuk-kyu
  • Team: Edward Gaming

Edward Gaming yet produces another top-rated League of Legend player in the person of Kim Hyuk-kyu. He is no doubt worthy to be enlisted in this article going by his pedigree being the second Pro League player back to back his performance has been explicit but he is yet to win the Summoner’s Cup and his team lost to Samsung white in the semifinals of the Korean Blue.the young lad broke down in tears when his team was knocked out World’s Championship at the quarterfinals.

  • Bee Jun-sik
  • Team: SK Telecom 1

Bee Jun-sik popularly known as Bang is another member of the SK Telecom 1 team to make the list. The young player has been impressive like every other player enlisted in this article and currently one of the best AD in the world and also one of the best players in his team alongside Fakers. Jun-sik came to limelight after the departure of MaRin to China which gave him a lot of playing times and has soon risen to become one of the Best League of Legend Players in the world. Some of his titles include IEM world championship, MSI crown, and some domestic titles as well. The young gamer has proven to be a utility player in his team and goes beyond just a sideliner.

  • Han Wang-ho
  • Team: ROX Tigers

Han Wang-ho from the ROX Tigers team also finds himself a spot among the Best League of Legend Players 2020. Wong-ho is popularly referred to as Peanut and has outgone the days of been sidelined to become a utility player in his team, in fact, he has bonded well with Smeb in his team. he has been impressive in his play as a team and individual though yet to win an accolade but his tactics and ideas cannot be undermined. More so, the gamer’s union with Smeb and the Tiger team can go a long way to help him win trophies. Wong-ho is a player to watch out for.

  • Cho Se-hyeong
  • Team: Royal Never Give up

The next player on our list is Cho Se-hyeong coming in at the seventh spot in our discussion. The gamer is a mastermind when it comes to strategy in League of Legends and has been rated as the best support player in the world, thanks to Se-hyeong ability to win major championships and also help his team to do same has made him better than any supported player in any team playing League of Legend. Se-hyeong is popularly known as Mata and has contributed immensely to Royal Never Give up success and he is a utility player always looked upon to produce strategies that lead to the team success.

  • Kim Chan-ho
  • Team: KT Rolster

Kim Chan-ho from the KT Rolster team makes it to the list as one of the Best League of Legend Players 2020. Chan-ho fondly and popularly called Ssumday is a prolific player but yet to reach the league of Fakers and Smeb, he lost to Smeb in the quarterfinals of the world championship which was the end of the road for Ssumday and his team in the tournament. If Chan-ho keeps up with his current form and improves he’ll soon break into the top 5 best leagues of legend players.

  • Kang Beom-hyeon
  • Team: ROX Tigers

Once more, ROX Tigers produce another top-rated player who has also been enlisted. This is a pointer that ROX Tiger is unmistakably one of the Best League of Legends Team in the world. Kang Beom-hyeon also referred to as Gorilla is a very talented player and has proven to be a strong fore in the Tiger team. Beom-hyeon has qualified for the last two World Championships with ROX for the past two years and also featured in the LCK championship this season.

  • Soren Bjerg
  • Team: SoloMid

Completing our list is Soren Bjerg of the SoloMid team coming in at the tenth spot. The player is popularly referred to as Bjergsen is a strong force in the SoloMid team playing the Midlane. His performance has constantly improved and with age restriction no more a barrier he has been a constant player in the team though they are yet to reach the levels of other world teams.

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Conclusion on the Best League of Legend Players – All you need to know about them

Asking who the Best League of Legend Players is will provide different answers depending on who you ask. Nonetheless, these are the players recognized worldwide as the best as far as League of Legend game is concerned.

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